Tachikawa Seasonal Programs Application

Family Members 家族構成

Application Details お申し込み内容

※The kit is valid for both volumes of the VR Space Missions course (Term 1 and 2 only). You will need a smartphone (iPhone/Android) and the application “VR Universe” in order to use the VR goggles. ※キットは一度ご購入いただければ、Volume 1・2両方のキャンプにてご利用いただけます (Term 1, Term 2のみ)。VRゴーグルにはスマートホン(iPhone, Android)及びアプリケーション「VR Universe」が必要になります。

次に列記された症状に当てはまる場合は、登校を控え自宅で静養するようお願いします: A) 37.5度以上の熱 / B) 嘔吐 / C) 下痢 / D) 咳。

The school does not have any responsibility for lost personal belongings.
Pictures taken during the program might be used by the GSA Group for advertising and promotion.
Students are not allowed to join the class if they have any of the following symptoms: A) high fever (over 37.5 celsius) / B) vomiting / C) diarrhea / D) heavy coughing.
In case your child gets injured within the school premises, we will contact the numbers mentioned in the application form. Should the child require immediate medical attention, we will contact the closest medical facility.
The school shall not be responsible for incidents in case parents have not carefully reported about the child’s allergies.

開始日1週間前までは受講料の50%と振込手数料のキャンセル料がかかります。それ以降の取り消しには、全額をお支払い頂きます。 ご了承の上、お申し込みください。 大雪、台風、地震、災害などにより休講となった場合は返金いたしません。

[Cancellation Policy]
50% is refunded in case a cancellation notice is received up to a week before the starting date. No refund is available in case the school is unable to operate due to extreme weather conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances (such as earthquakes).