Global Step Academy International School (GSAIS) is an international preschool and kindergarten in Tachikawa City, Tokyo. GSAIS focuses on nurturing students to become well-rounded individuals through the cultivation of their intellectual, creative, personal, social, and physical abilities. The school is committed to educating both local and foreign students to be international and independent thinkers. Also, we focus heavily on academic quality, long-term community development, an understanding of diversity, as well as language learning and communication, ethics, self-awareness, and mindfulness.

We believe that classroom and co-curricular activities are essential in the child’s development and therefore we put a relatively high focus on sports, music and extracurricular activities where children can fully use their five senses in the learning process, while learning effectively how to function both as an individual and as part of a group through active learning. The ultimate goal is that every student gains the fundamental skill sets and knowledge to become global citizens and be well-prepared to enter elementary school and continue their education as a global citizen, whether it’s an international school or a local school in Japan or overseas.

6 Reasons to Choose GSAIS

A Wide Variety of Experiences

Our academic curriculum, the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), is used by over 140 nurseries in 47 countries worldwide and is tailored to provide learning to children of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Multiple lessons a week for all core academic subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Japanese are provided. Special subjects and sports such as Music, Dance, Gymnastics, and Swimming are also regularly taught by qualified instructors. Our child-centered approach encourages learning through discovery and exploration, focusing on fun, hands-on learning that is relevant to the children and nurturing their natural curiosity about the world they live in.

Pleasant Learning Atmosphere

For safe and effective learning, an appropriate number of students are accommodated in each class. Our teachers are carefully selected, passionate Early Childhood educators with experience in Japan and overseas. We want our school to be a place where children are eager to come every day to play with friends and have fun learning. Our main goal is to have children enjoy every moment at school, and while they are having fun equip them with all of the tools and knowledge that will make them shine. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our facilities and educational environment to maintain the highest quality in early childhood education.

International Learning Environment

Global Step Academy International School is home to a diverse international community, with about one-third of the students being native English speakers. Children also have plenty of opportunities to experience Japanese culture through seasonal events and weekly language classes.

Free Online Services

Students may take up to 8 free lessons (25 minutes each) every month with Global Step Academy. Free school guidance services are also available for students who wish to apply for other international schools in Japan or abroad.

Support After Graduation

Both students and graduates can benefit from a variety of services such as online classes and counseling. We also welcome graduates and returnees to our after-school programs and seasonal programs (Spring School, Summer School, and Winter School).

Additional Services

Lunch and school bus services are available. We also offer morning and afternoon extension for working parents, as well as after school programs and tutoring for an additional price.

Our Facilities

The school comprises two buildings totaling 450 square meters. The main campus includes an indoor gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, and a dedicated playground.